Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages has lined up an 'advergame' for the recently-launched iPhone.

The company said today (5 November) that Matchcaps will be accessible through the 'phone's Safari browser, and will not, therefore, require any downloading. Apple said last week that it will distribute kits to third-party application developers in February. The use of Safari, therefore, makes Matchcaps the first advergame designed specifically for the iPhone, Cadbury Schweppes claimed.

"Consumers want enhanced access to fun and games on their iPhones, and Dr Pepper will be the very first to deliver it to them," said Andrew Springate, vice president of Dr Pepper marketing. "With the launch of this advergame, Dr Pepper can interact virtually with its consumers anytime, anywhere through their iPhones."

The game, which follows the 'match three' format, can be accessed at