Don Sebastiani & Sons is to focus exclusively on using alternative closures for its entire product line. With annual case production approaching 2m, Don Sebastiani & Sons is now the largest wine company in the world to totally abandon the traditional cork closure.

The announcement comes on the heels of the US launch of the California company's popular Screw Kappa Napa wines, with a supporting educational and marketing campaign touting the benefits of "Life After Cork."

"We are determined to consistently deliver wine with the fresh and vibrant flavours that God intended," said Don Sebastiani, Jr., marketing director for Don Sebastiani & Sons. "Therefore, we have decided traditional cork made from tree bark is not in our best interest, now or in the future. There's just too much risk of tainted wine. And while some in the industry might tolerate what they perceive to be an acceptable failure rate, we feel that just one tainted bottle is totally unacceptable. Pardon the pun, but to continue to use traditional cork is, in our opinion, simply barking up the wrong tree."

Sebastiani said the company will use a variety of alternative closures across its product line. The company currently uses Neocork and Nomacorc synthetic stoppers and ROPP aluminum capsules manufactured by Alplast and G-3 Enterprises, but will add the ZORK PopCap and Alcoa's Vin Tegra glass and acrylic stopper to its repertoire, while continuing to review new alternative closures as they are introduced to the market.