Rioja wine sales have decreased by 2.1% to 195.6m litres in the first 10 months of 2005.

The results, from Rioja's regulating council, showed that domestic sales fell 4.1% to 139.2m litres, although exports were up 3.3%.

The local press reported yesterday (5 December) that La Rioja young wine sales went down by 7% to 90.1m litres. In contrast there were increased year-on-year sales for Crianza (1.5% to 76.3m litres) and Reserva (4.7% to 25.1m litres) wines, both aged at least three years.

Sales of red wines constituted 172.6m litres of the total, which was down 3.5%. Notably, white wines rose 10.7%.