Domaine du Tariquets Marselan Rosé 2009

Domaine du Tariquet's Marselan Rosé 2009

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Domaine du Tariquet's Marselan Rosé 2009

Category - Wine, rose, France, 12.5% abv

Available - From mid-May, to coincide with London International Wine Fair

Location - UK

Price - RRP of GBP7.99 (US$12.20) per bottle

Distribution - France Domaines Ltd, Tel: +44 020 7935 1551 Fax: +44 020 7486 6318

The Marselan Rosé has been produced in limited quantities and comes with a screw cap closure.

The Marselan grape variety was developed in 1961 from the union of Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache Noir. Domaine du Tariquet originally introduced it to the region of Gascony in south-west in 1999 for experimental purposes.