DLR Associates and Bebida Beverages have signed a deal with The Potencia Product Company of South Africa to be the exclusive importer of the Potencia Energy Drink, Koma Unwind and Piranha Water.

The Potencia Product Company, which had no prior links to the Potencia Energy Drink brand, will be responsible for all distribution, sales and marketing of the drinks in South Africa. 

It said yesterday (19 May) that, after looking for expansion opportunities, it "stumbled" across Potencia Energy Drink in the US.

"After extensive due diligence we have decided this will be a fantastic opportunity to expand our business portfolio," said Charles Schnehage, of The Potencia Product Company South Africa.

"When we saw that Potencia Energy Drink was made from real tamarind fruit we quickly decided to explore the possibilities as tamarind is widely used in food, beverages and medicines in South Africa."

DLR Associates, the raw material procurement and manufacturing entity for all Potencia branded products, said it is "modifying" the Potencia Energy Drink Can.

"The South African can will be a modified to be written in English and Afrikaan the native language as well as have multiple African provinces in lieu of Spanish Countries," said CEO Daisy Ramirez of DLR Associates.

"Koma Unwind will also undergo a label modification for the South Africa market as we move forward and get product into the market; the initial Koma Unwind will be in a 20oz plastic bottle where The Potencia Group SA can use it to get sales and retail feedback," added Ramirez.