The ban includes alcohol ads on New York Ciy buses, subway cars and stations

The ban includes alcohol ads on New York Ciy buses, subway cars and stations

An alcohol ad ban on New York City public transport is "misguided" and "unsupported by the scientific research", the Distilled Spirits Council has said. 

Last week, New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced it will outlaw all alcohol advertising on New York Ciy buses, subway cars and stations. The ban comes into force on 1 January and is designed to prevent children from seeing alcohol ads.

However, the Distilled Spirits Council, which represents the US spirits industry, said the the ban is not backed by scientific evidence.

"The research is clear - parents and other adults are the most influential factors in a youth's decision whether or not to drink alcohol, not advertising," the council said. "In fact, in New York underage drinking has declined by more than 20% over the past ten years and binge drinking is at an all-time low."

According to the council, other US cities, including Chicago, Charlotte and Washington DC have recently overturned bans on alcohol advertising on public transit "with each city experiencing absolutely no negative effects".

The council said: "We urge the MTA to reconsider its decision and base its policy on scientific evidence, not scaremongering."

According to Ad Age, the MTA collected only US$2.8m in ad sales from alcohol companies last year. All advertising sales totalled $144.8m, Ad Age said.

Pernod Ricard recently launched a new push for its Absolut vodka brand in New York City. The "hyper local" Absolut Truth campaign includes out-of-home advertising tailored to specific neighbourhoods.

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