Distell has repositioned and re-packaged its flagship brand Nederburg in the UK to offer up a "consistent message" to the consumer.

South Africa's largest wine producer said today (4 March) that the range now consists of four tiers including: "Foundation for everyday wines (such as Chardonnay Vionier, Shiraz Pinotage and Rosé), The Winemaster's Reserve for mainstream wines (like Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot), Manor House for speciality and varietal wines and for unique new blends, Ingenuity."

Distell Europe managing director Gary Greenfield said: "The new packaging retains a recognisable Nederburg identity with a more sophisticated and stylish look. We were conscious that, with an increasingly crowded marketplace, consumers have to navigate their way through a number of labels and offerings. We want Nederburg to stand out, for the packaging to communicate the quality proposition right away and make decision-making simpler for consumers."

The tier system will be supported by new labeling which will involve a 'wine finder' on each bottle, in an effort to guide consumers back to their favourite wines, encouraging repeat purchases.

Greenfield added: "With Nederburg we can offer a wine for all occasions and now it is has been made easier for consumers to identify the style and quality of wine they are buying and can continue to enjoy."