Diedrich Coffee, Inc. (Nasdaq: DDRX - news), a leading coffeehouse operator, franchiser, wholesaler and custom roaster of specialty coffees, announced today that it has signed a major franchise area development agreement. The agreement with the Coffeehouse Colorado LLC calls for the development of 40 Diedrich Coffee brand coffeehouses in the state of Colorado over the next five years.The principals of the newly formed Coffeehouse Colorado LLC, Gary Robison and Nick Kraft, have significant experience in the ownership, operation and development of ten Burger King restaurants in Denver, Colorado. Coffeehouse Colorado LLC will also operate the six existing Diedrich Coffee brand coffeehouses and espresso bars currently located in Denver."The Diedrich Coffee brand coffeehouse concept fits very well with the casual lifestyle and sophisticated palates you find in so many Colorado towns," stated Gary Robison, principal of Coffeehouse Colorado LLC. "We expect that the combination of a great neighborhood gathering place and the finest coffees in the world will be a winner." Robison added that Coffeehouse Colorado has already identified five target locations for their new coffeehouses.