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Diageo's Smirnoff Honey 

Category - Spirits, vodka, flavoured 

Available -  Launched late May 

Location - Australia 

Price - Full strength bottle spirit (37.5% abv): AUD39.99; RTD (9%) AUD19.99; ready-to-serve (5%) AUD23.99. 

Distribution - Diageo 

Diageo has launched a new honey flavoured offshoot of its Smirnoff vodka brand in Australia. 

The new variant, launched last week, is avaiable in three formats: a full strength bottle spirit (37.5% abv); a RTD version (9%) and ready-to-serve (5%). The group said it is "tapping into the local trend for honey-flavoured beverages", claiming it is the first "large scale" honey vodka in the country. 

At the same time, the company is rolling out its Smirnoff Coconut variant in Australia, first launched in the US in 2011

"These new flavours will be the first in a rotating flavours pipeline for Smirnoff Australia," Diageo added.