Click through to view Shuijingfang Red Fortune

Click through to view Shuijingfang Red Fortune

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Diageo's Shuijingfang Red Fortune

Category - Spirits, baijiu, 52% abv

Available - From this month

Location - Asian Travel Retail outlets including Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Jeju, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and Tokyo

Price - SRP of US$63.50 per 50cl

Diageo has released a special edition of its Shuijingfang baijiu in Travel Retail ahead of Chinese New Year.

Shuijingfang Red Fortune has a “delicate, mild and mellow aroma in a perfectly balanced liquid”, according to Diageo. The new release should “resonate with those travellers searching for the perfect gift to celebrate the Chinese New Year”, the company added.

“We have recognised a rising demand for luxury baijiu products among global travellers and businessmen,” Diageo said.

In the group's Q1 results, released in October, Shuijingfang posted a “substantial fall in net sales”, the company said.