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Diageo's John Walker & Sons Odyssey  

Category - Spirits, Scotch, triple blend, 40% abv

Available - Official launch on 20 September

Location - Already available in China, with September rollout to Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Travel Retail (India, Singapore, Sri Lanka). October rollout to Australia and Thailand. November to Philippines and Vietnam

Price - US$1,000 per 70cl bottle

Distribution - Diageo

Diageo has launched a blended whisky through its John Walker & Sons brand to target the growing market for luxury Scotch in Asia-Pacific.

John Walker & Sons Odyssey is a triple blend and inspired by original notes from Sir Alexander Walker, the grandson of founder John Walker, the company said on Friday (24 August). It comes in a decanter designed to mimic the motion of the sea.

The product will initially be released in Asia-Pacific ahead of a global rollout by mid-2013, Diageo said. 

“There is an insatiable demand for super deluxe spirits globally and particularly in Asia Pacific,” said Diageo CMO for Asia-Pacific James Thompson.

Thompson said net sales for Scotch whisky are up 12%, driven by the super deluxe sector. 

He said Scotch whisky delivers about 80% net sales growth in Asia-Pacific, with almost half coming from super deluxe whiskies. 

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The Beginning of a New ODYSSEY

John Walker & Sons Launches Award Winning Luxury Whisky in Asia Pacific

ASIA PACIFIC, 24 AUGUST 2012: JOHN WALKER & SONS today announced the launch of JOHN WALKER & SONS ODYSSEY™, a spectacular, new, award winning blend that joins the whisky house’s renowned portfolio of luxury spirits in celebration of life’s great journeys.

Inspired by the vision and entrepreneurial spirit of Sir Alexander Walker, John Walker & Sons Odyssey commemorates the 80th anniversary of one of Sir Alexander’s most remarkable innovations – a whisky decanter that could move to match the motion of the sea. Today, this extraordinary decanter and unique blend have been re-envisioned as John Walker & Sons Odyssey.

James Thompson, Chief Marketing Officer, DIAGEO Asia Pacific said the new, nautical-themed triple malt, John Walker & Sons Odyssey, has been inspired by Sir Alexander Walker’s original blending notes and created with the region’s most progressive and game-changing individuals in mind.

“We’re delighted to announce the launch of John Walker & Sons Odyssey, a blend that we have expressly created to honour Sir Alexander Walker. Launching John Walker & Sons Odyssey in Asia Pacific ahead of the global roll out demonstrates our commitment to this region and to meeting the unique and evolving tastes of the individual who has a passion for luxury.

“There is an insatiable demand for super deluxe spirits globally and particularly in Asia Pacific. Globally, net sales for Scotch whisky are up 12 percent with most of that growth coming from super deluxe. In Asia Pacific, Scotch whisky delivered more than 80 percent net sales growth, with almost half coming from super deluxe whiskies. We see John Walker & Sons Odyssey as the next step in our luxury journey, and we believe the integration of heritage and progress, provenance and innovation will make it of the utmost interest to luxury connoisseurs in this region” said Mr Thompson.

John Walker & Sons Odyssey is a unique triple malt inspired by the golden era of sea travel. Developed by Master Blender Jim Beveridge using Sir Alexander’s hand-written notes, John Walker & Sons Odyssey has been carefully blended and married in European oak casks to create a drink that brings to life the House of Walker’s signature big, bold flavours, and delivers exceptional smoothness.

“I searched a number of distilleries in Scotland for the perfect three whiskies to blend for John Walker & Sons Odyssey. They needed to have the right provenance and pedigree to create the aromas, tastes, flavours and sensations that Sir Alexander was looking for when he created the original blend almost 80 years ago,” said Mr Beveridge.

This spectacular Scotch whisky has also drawn the attention of industry as it was recognized in July with a gold medal at the prestigious International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC). This honour places John Walker & Sons Odyssey in the company of some of the finest and most established whiskies in the world – an amazing feat for such a new spirit.

To punctuate the uniqueness of the blend, an exquisitely crafted, crystal-grade glass decanter has been created to house John Walker & Sons Odyssey. This stunning work of art is a reflection of the nautical heritage and success of the Walker business that perfectly captures the motion and romance of the sea. When gently pushed, the bottle swings elegantly to and fro and as the case is turned, rotates fluidly 360 degrees. When at rest, it will always point up, paying homage to the steadfast and progressive direction shown by Sir Alexander himself.

“John Walker & Sons Odyssey is a true celebration of life’s great journeys. In addition to paying tribute to Sir Alexander, it also honours the game-changers of Asia who have inspired a generation, setting new standards and becoming role models within their communities and creating positive change in the world around them,” concluded Mr Thompson.

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