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Guinness Red Harvest Stout 

Category - Beer, stout, 4.1% abv

Available - From next month 

Location - US off-trade and bars “nationwide” 

Price - Four-packs of 14.9oz cans have an SRP of US$8.49

Distribution - Diageo 

Diageo is looking to take share from pumpkin beers in the US this Autumn with a new seasonal "red" variant of its Guinness brand. 

Guinness Red Harvest Sout, with a 4.1% abv, will launch into the US off-trade and bars nationwide next month. The “limited-edition” brew is ruby red in colour and has “aromas of caramel and toffee”, according to the company. 

“Guinness Red Harvest Stout is perfect for fall and offers a great change of pace from the pumpkin seasonals crowding beer shelves,” said Doug Campbell, Guinness' brand director. 

Diageo previously launched a black lager version of Guinness in the US in 2011.