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Diageo's Guinness Generous Ale

Category - Beer, ale, 5.6% abv

Available - From this month

Location - US, nation-wide, off-trade

Price - SRP of US$15.99 as part of the Guinness Winter Selection Variety pack; 12 11.2 oz bottles

Distribution - Diageo

Diageo is launching Guinness Generous in the US ahead of the holiday season.

The variant will be available across the country as part of the 12-bottle Guinness Winter Selection Variety pack.

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GUINNESS & Co. is embracing its rich heritage and the philosophy of its founder, Arthur Guinness, this holiday season with the release of its newest offering, GUINNESS Generous Ale. Inspired by Arthur Guinness' passion for full-flavored beers and his philanthropic legacy, GUINNESS Generous Ale was created to help legal drinking age consumers enjoy the true spirit of the holiday season.

The special edition holiday beer was developed in a traditional winter ale style, but with more body and the distinct roast for which GUINNESS Draught is known. With a rich amber appearance, the vanilla notes accent GUINNESS Generous Ale's silky, yet vibrant taste.

As Arthur Guinness is historically recognized as a devout philanthropist, the Guinness Master Brewers wanted to create a holiday ale that commemorated Arthur's enduring legacy and to celebrate the holiday season.

"Arthur has and will always serve as the inspiration behind our brewing," said Guinness Master Brewer Fergal Murray. "GUINNESS Generous Ale to me is a balanced interplay of flavors reminiscent of poached pear, pie crust, toffee, a whisper of smoke and toasted marshmallow. The hop flavors brighten the distinct GUINNESS roast of malt and provide a lively clean finish."

In addition to offering legal drinking aged consumers the special edition beer, the renowned brewer is using the holiday season to launch, a website that will serve as an online destination demonstrating the brand's commitment to social benevolence. Specifically for the holidays, Guinness is encouraging its fans to commit acts of generosity by participating in the Generous Hour.

The Generous Hour is an opportunity for consumers to embrace the holiday season by committing "generous hours" of their time to others. By visiting one can offer up an hour of service for anything, be it gift-wrapping for a friend, running errands, offering to be the designated driver for a night out or even giving Fantasy Football advice to a co-worker. Those participating in the Generous Hour movement can also see what other acts of generosity are being committed across the country through a visual, interactive mosaic featured on the site.

"Generosity is a quality inherent to the GUINNESS brand and it's a value we continually strive to uphold," said Doug Campbell, GUINNESS Brand Director. "We are proud to use the tools of the present day to continue to celebrate an ideal that's been a part of GUINNESS for over 250 years."

GUINNESS Generous Ale is available nationwide in 11.2oz bottles (5.6% ABV) as part of the GUINNESS Winter Selection Variety pack, a diverse selection of beers perfect for special gatherings that includes GUINNESS Draught, GUINNESS Foreign Extra Stout and GUINNESS Black Lager. The 12-bottle GUINNESS Winter Selection Variety pack is available throughout the holiday season for a suggested retail price of $15.99.

Carry on the legacy of Arthur Guinness this holiday season by enjoying a full-flavored GUINNESS® Generous Ale and by committing your time to the Generous Hour at Remember to celebrate this season responsibly, and commit to perhaps one of the greatest acts of generosity - encouraging others to do the same.

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