Click through to view the new George Dickel whiskey

Click through to view the new George Dickel whiskey

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Diageo's George Dickel No. 1 'Foundation Recipe' 

Category - Spirits, whiskey, Tennessee, 45.5% abv

Available - From next month

Location - US, nation-wide

Price - SRP of US$21.99 per 75cl bottle

Diageo is continuing its focus on North American whiskey with the launch of a new expression of its George Dickel Tennessee whiskey brand.

The company says that the un-aged George Dickel No. 1 'Foundation Recipe' has formed the basis of all George Dickel expressions for the past 140 years. Other George Dickel Tennessee whiskies include No. 8, No. 12 and Barrel Select.

Last month, Diageo said it is planning to launch a number of “limited, high-end” North American whiskies early next year. Brands will include Barterhouse and Old Blowhard. 

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Over the last 140 years, this Foundation Recipe has served as the backbone for where George Dickel Tennessee whiskies including No. 8, No. 12 and Barrel Select begin. Handmade from the finest grains and legendary Cascade Spring water before being finished through George Dickel’s signature Chill Charcoal Mellowing process, George Dickel No. 1 is an un-aged whisky so smooth George himself called it “Mellow as Moonlight.”

George Dickel No. 1 is a 91-proof (45.5 % ABV) whisky with a clear appearance and initial aroma that is soft, yet full of raw grain. Those raw notes vanish upon a mellow and smooth first taste, with a creamy and sweet corn flavor. The Chill Charcoal Mellowing process nods to George’s historic affection for “Winter Whisky” and gives the liquid a soft, smooth finish.

George Dickel No. 1 is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks to experience the full taste profile, but it also mixes well into a number of modern and classic cocktails like the Tennessee Roots or an Old Fashioned. The new variant joins a whisky portfolio including George Dickel No. 8, George Dickel No. 12, George Dickel Barrel Select and George Dickel Rye.

Distributed nationwide beginning in Jan, George Dickel No. 1 will retail at a suggested price of $21.99 for a 750 mL bottle.

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