Click through to view Diageos new Baileys bottle

Click through to view Diageo's new Baileys bottle

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Diageo has launched a more “feminine” bottle for its Baileys Original Irish Cream as it continues a brand overhaul of the liqueur.

The new bottle is taller with higher shoulders to "maximise shelf impact" as well as increase appeal to women, Diageo said yesterday (4 March). “Baileys is a brand that appeals specifically and uniquely to women, and through this re-design we embrace and celebrate that timeless appeal in a fresh and contemporary way,” the brand's global director, Garbhan O’Bric, said.

The redesign follows the launch of Diageo's biggest-ever global marketing campaign for Baileys, unveiled in October. The bottle will launch globally from this month, Diageo said.

Baileys biggest markets by net sales are the US, UK, Canada and Germany.