Diageo Great Britain has introduced a new innovation - Pyramix - which allows consumers to share its brands at home with a choice of their own mixers. Pyramix contains nine pyramid pouches of five best-selling products.

There are three Smirnoff vodka pouches; two Gordon's gin pouches; two Archers peach schnapps pouches; one Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum pouch; and one J&B Scotch whisky pouch.

The launch will be supported with in-store point of sale, grocery cart advertising and a £1 RPO during August. Other marketing elements will also be evaluated during the test, such as sampling and advertising, in selected stores. RRSP is £6.99.

After initial consumer research, Pyramix is now being tested in Sainsbury's stores across Great Britain for a period of six months. After this test, results will be fully evaluated before deciding on next steps.

In a statement, Kim Scott, senior innovation manager, said: "Our consumer research has shown that consumers find Pyramix new and exciting. They like the variety, plus the innovative packaging.

"Evidence we have from tests we've done with consumers on Pyramix has told us that most people will keep it in the fridge, rather than in the drinks cupboard, thus bringing the products more front-of-mind. We have also included a leaflet in the package to inform consumers about different mixer options they have."