Diageo has said it plans to appeal against a ruling that bans a UK television advert for its RTD cocktail brand Parrot Bay. 

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority today ruled the ad must not appear again as it is “likely to strongly appeal to children”. The spot, broadcast at 6pm on the channel Film 4, featured a squawking animated parrot on a beach bar, which then freezes and falls off the bar.

A single viewer complained the ad could appeal to minors and was “irresponsible”.

Diageo argued that the ad was aimed at an “adult audience”. The company flagged that it had not given the character a voice and was careful to ensure it did not talk. A statement on the last frame that stated "contains alcohol", was to “reinforce the impression that the product was for adults”, Diageo said.

However, the ASA said: “We considered the ad, particularly the parrot character and its behaviour, was likely to appeal strongly to children ... and concluded the ad was irresponsible.”

But Ed Pilkington, Diageo's consumer marketing & innovation director, Western Europe, said: “We are disappointed with the ASA Council’s adjudication on Parrot Bay and will be appealing against the decision.

“We will be liaising with the ASA and will await the decision of the Independent review process.”

Parrot Bay, which comes in a frozen liquid pouch, was first launched in the US in July 2012 and rolled out to Europe in February last year