Diageo has announced its opposition to AWOL (Alcohol Without Liquid) machines. The drinks company said yesterday (26 January) that it supports proposed Colorado legislation banning the alcohol vapourisers.

In a statement, Guy Smith, Diageo North America's executive vice-president said: "AWOL machines should be banned in Colorado and the rest of the country because of concerns that they could encourage alcohol abuse and drunk driving.

"We applaud the efforts of Senator Jennifer Veiga and Representative Liane McFadyen and Senator Bob Hagedorn in their efforts to prohibit the use and sale of AWOL machines in Colorado and raise awareness about the potential dangers of these machines."

AWOL machines enable consumers to inhale alcohol vapours.

"We oppose AWOL machines simply because they're not responsible," said Smith. "We are wholly committed to the responsible sale, marketing, advertising and consumption of our products and that's why we work hard to prevent underage drinking and promote responsible behaviors among adults."

Although all alcohol products sold in America must be federally approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), AWOL machines have yet to receive such approval.

Recently, Diageo also took action against the distributors of the AWOL machine for their unauthorised use of the Smirnoff trademark on their website. In response to a cease and desist notice from Diageo, the trademark has been removed from the site.