Diageo has signed a deal that will see its Irish business only use electricity from renewable energy sources.

Diageo Ireland has signed a contract that will see the electricity bought for its four breweries in the country come from wind farms and turbines.

A spokesperson for the company insisted that all the energy it uses in Ireland will now come from "green" sources. The scale of Diageo's operations in Ireland means that they account for a fifth of all of the company's electricity requirements in Europe.

She told just-drinks today (27 March) that Diageo Ireland already produces its own electricity in environmentally friendly ways. The spokesperson cited a project at Diageo's Kilkenny brewery that uses bio-filtration as an example.

Gerry O'Hagan, supply director for Guinness, Baileys and European RTDs, said: "The agreement helps us maintain our position as an innovator in our use of energy resources."