Diageo is looking for clarification of a condition set in place by South Korea as part of the reissuance of its import licence in the country.

Earlier today (27 February), the drinks company announced that the Korean National Tax Service (NTS) has granted a new import licence, after Diageo was stripped of its original licence in June last year.

In issuing the licence, the NTS ruled that Diageo must commit to domestically bottle a minimum of 50% of its total Scotch whisky sales volume in South Korea.

Speaking to just-drinks. Richard Burn, Diageo's corporate relations director in Asia Pacific, said that the wording of the condition "clearly conflicts with free trade practices".

"The condition as stands could be seen to be non WTO-compliant," Burn said. "We will ask the NTS for clarification of the ruling, while also taking legal advice on the matter."

Burn also said that the NTS is looking to introduce the bottling condition to all spirits importers with 5% or more market share in the country.

"This sort of approach isn't in line with the messages we've been getting from the new president of Korea," Burn said. "He says he wants to remove bureaucratic obstacles to foreign trade in Korea."