The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) looks to have turned against Diageo in the long-running row over Cardhu, according to The Scotsman. The newspaper quotes a SWA memo it has seen as saying the association wants Diageo to stop selling the whisky which has changed from a 'single' to a 'pure' malt.

The move will leave Diageo isolated in the indsutry on the matter. Previously, the SWA had remained impartial as the disagreement between Diageo and its rivals has intensified.

Diageo's replacement of the single malt with a pure malt in a bottle of the same style and with only a slight change in name has rocked the industry, even being discussed in the UK Parliament.

The Scotsman quotes the SWA memo as saying that "the use of a whisky not wholly produced in the Cardhu Distillery is illegal." The memo continues: "The only wholly satisfactory solution is withdrawal of the Cardhu Pure Malt product."

Diageo's opponents are concerned that drinkers may be deceived by the change in the make-up of the brand, which will in turn devalue the malt industry.