Continuing drinks industry efforts to tackle the issue of alcohol harm, the wine and spirits giant Diageo is launching over 30 local programmes around the world, designed around the World Health Day theme of Safe Roads.

"As part of its ongoing commitment to promote a shared understanding of responsible drinking and to combat alcohol misuse, Diageo has developed a range of programmes reminding the public about the consequences of drink-driving, and being a safe road user," the company said.

The campaign will be launched from the 7 April onwards and will run over the following 12 months.

Paul Walsh CEO of Diageo, said: "As the world's leading premium drinks business, we are committed to raising consumer awareness of responsible drinking, and we are working to combat alcohol misuse.

"Diageo has a long track record of support for initiatives aimed at tackling drink-driving, usually in partnership with other industry members, police forces, road safety organisations or with government. We believe that World Health Day provides our company with a good opportunity to continue our work in this area and to make a valuable contribution to issues related to road safety across the world."

In Greece, Diageo Hellas, in conjunction with the municipality of Athens, has designed a road safety programme which includes road safety tips and  'don't drink and drive' messages that will be distributed at road tolls, in magazines, newspapers and on postal stamps.

Guinness UDV South Africa, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health are running a campaign focused on encouraging people  to adopt the designated driver as the only alternative to drinking and driving. Activity will also include a taxi driver driver campaign, aimed at encouraging taxi drivers to consider the safety of their passengers first, and strive to be the best at what they do as well as informing the public about the dangers of drinking and driving.

In Latin America, a plan is in place to run a 'Designated Driver Awareness Week' programme across 15 Latin American countries.  The activity will consist of banner adverts in the leading national newspapers in the 15 LATAM markets.  The adverts will convey the simple message, 'Don't drink and Drive' and our support to World Health Day theme.  The timing of the activity will coincide with the Semana Santa celebrations, whichis a peak holiday period.

During April, Diageo Canaries will launch a campaign entitled 'Por unas carreteras seguras en Canarias' - Safe Roads in the Canaries. This campaign is designed to raise awareness on the issue of drink driving. Local programme partners include the Canaries Health Department, the Road Safety Authority and the Spanish Association of Driving Schools. Awareness raising activities will include poster campaigns and also television advocacy on the 'don't drink and drive' message through a leading local celebrity.

Across the UK Diageo will be promoting the 'don't drink and drive' message with all UK-based Diageo employees. In addition to this awareness of road safety issues, Diageo is to launch, in the next few weeks, its 'Safe Driving Policy' for all Diageo employees based in the UK.

In France, Moet Hennessy UDV France, working in conjunction with the public agency "La Sécurité Routière", is working towards increasing public awareness about the issue of Safe Roads, through communicating materials messages, such 'top tip's on being a sensible driver'.

In Bulgaria a 'don't drink and drive' campaign is being launched. Working with a range of partners such as the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Road Control Department and the media, this message will be communicated via leaflets, posters, stickers, radio, TV, at petrol stations, with taxi drivers, in bars and clubs, in shops and on billboards.

In Denmark, Norway & Sweden, to prevent drink-driving in the Swedish and Norwegian ski resorts and the Danish holiday resorts during the Easter Holiday period, a poster and leaflet campaign will be rolled out across the largest and most visited bars and hotels in these markets.

Guinness UDV India is working with the Institute of Road Traffic to develop and roll out a 'don't drink and drive' awareness campaign. Activities will include driver training of State Bus Transport Corporations and other goods transport drivers, as well as providing suitable infrastructure in identified accident-prone zones in certain States.
Diageo Italia will launch an awareness raising campaign on the issue of drink-driving. The campaign is aimed at young adults who use nightclubs and bars. The message will be communicated to them via posters and leaflets in the trade and billboards.
Diageo Polska is launching a campaign called 'Safe return home'. Working with the Police and Integracja Association as programme partner, the company will seek to promote messages about the influence of alcohol on drivers' ability to drive safely.