Diageo and Stiffy's Shots have had their wrists slapped by the UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

A complaint to the ASA was submitted concerning Diageo's adverts for Archers Aqua for linking sex with alcohol. The poster adverts, in which a bottle of Aqua was placed in front of a male model's groin, were deemed to be too sexually suggestive by the ASA. The authority did point out that the adverts were likely to be considered humorous and inoffensive, but added that they breached guidelines of the CAP code.

Stiffy's Shots ran ads in bus shelters and newspapers, asking "Have you had a Stiffy tonight?" The ASA upheld the complaint, saying that they could cause serious offence, and that readers could believe that the product improved sexual performance.

Both advertisers agreed to the rulings, and have pulled the adverts.