Yellow Tail is set for a big push in the US

Yellow Tail is set for a big push in the US

Australian wine brand Yellow Tail is set to benefit from a three-month multimedia advertising campaign in the US, after Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits revealed details of a new push. 

The exclusive importer and marketer for the Casella-owned brand in the US announced details of the campaign earlier this week, which kicked-off on Monday (1 October). Advertising spots will air on cable networks until January 1, featuring the Yellow Tail range. 

A Facebook campaign has also been launched in conjunction with the TV ads.

Deutsch said the aim was to make Yellow Tail, which retails for around US$8 for a 75cl bottle, the "go-to" holiday wine for Americans. 

In August, reports surfaced that Casella is planning to launch a new premium wine brand in the US next year, although a spokesperson dismissed the speculation as "premature".

Click here to view one of the TV spots.