Deliveroos couriers will deliver wine and beer to consumers across the UK

Deliveroo's couriers will deliver wine and beer to consumers across the UK

UK food courier service Deliveroo is promising to deliver alcohol to UK homes within 20 minutes in a link up with Brewdog and off-premise companies including Majestic Wines.

The company said today customers can now order from 20 BrewDog locations nationally and eight Majestic stores across London. A number of independent merchants have also joined the scheme, which claims an average delivery time of 20 minutes.

The service will work on Deliveroo's food delivery model; alcohol merchants will be given a tablet on which orders can be processed through the Deliveroo app. Nearby riders will collect the order from staff and deliver the order. The system is similar to the Drizly service in the US, which uses convenience stores in major cities.

Philip Beaven, MD at participating wine merchant The Sampler, said: "We've been astounded by the early adopters for this service and it continues to grow week on week."

To comply with minimum-age rules, Deliveroo said it has introduced signage on menu pages that contain alcohol. Couriers will also ID customers when making deliveries.

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