Click through to view Del Montes Naturally Light range

Click through to view Del Monte's Naturally Light range

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Del Monte's Naturally Light range

Category - Soft drink, low sugar fruit juice

Available - From this month

Location - UK, in branches of Tesco and Sainsbury supermarkets

Price - GBP1.59 (US$2.50) per 1-litre carton

Distribution - Gerber Juice Company

Del Monte has launched Naturally Light in the UK targeting health- and weight-conscious consumers. The range, which uses stevia as its sweetening agent, comprises three flavours and contains 63 calories per glass.

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Leaves of the South American shrub Stevia are 250 times sweeter than sugar with a fraction of the calories – it’s the first intense natural sweetener to hit the supermarket shelves.

New Del Monte Naturally Light range contains just 63 calories per glass (or less).

Del Monte, the leading fruit juice brand famed for searching the globe for the finest ingredients, has sourced a 'super' natural new ingredient, Stevia, which enables juice drinks to be made with a fraction of the sugar content previously possible.

The Stevia plant is indigenous to the tropical regions of Central and South America and has been used as a sweetener for centuries by the Guaraní people of Paraguay.  Del Monte’s new Naturally Light low-calorie range contains only half the sugar and calories of standard juice and juice drinks.*

The new juice drink range comes in three delicious flavours: Mango and Papaya, Pineapple and Lime and Superfruits, each with just 50-63 calories per 250ml glass. All are packed with vitamins, providing 100% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamin C and 50% of the RDA of vitamins B, E and Selenium.

Del Monte Naturally Light is targeted primarily at health and weight-conscious women as it offers a lower calorie and lower sugar alternative, whilst still providing the goodness of fruit, vitamins and hydration. This also makes it ideal for children.

Del Monte Naturally Light will initially be on the ambient juice shelves in Tesco and selected Sainsbury’s supermarkets from mid-August. Further additions to the range are planned next year, including tempting new flavours and the launch of convenience sized 250ml bottles.

Tony Gill, Del Monte UK Commercial Director, said: “We have listened closely to consumers’ health concerns and know that there is a real demand for healthy, natural drinks with lower sugar and calories.  

“Del Monte Naturally Light fits the bill perfectly, with a high juice and vitamin content but just half the sugar and calories of standard juice and juice drinks.”

*As a direct comparison Del Monte Mango & Papaya std contains 145 kcal per 250ml serving vs new Del Monte Naturally Light range contains 53 kcal per 250ml serving.


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