Click through to view Del Montes Fruit Burst Pineapple & Raspberry

Click through to view Del Monte's Fruit Burst Pineapple & Raspberry

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Del Monte's Fruit Burst Pineapple & Raspberry

Category - Soft drink, fruit juice

Available - From this month

Location - UK, off-trade

Price - Not specified, available in 6x20cl cartons and in 1-litre "family packs"

Distribution - The Gerber Juice Company

Del Monte has extended the flavour range for its Fruit Burst brand in the UK.

The company, which launched the brand earlier this year, said earlier today (15 July) that the pineapple & raspberry-flavoured extension will roll out in branches of Sainsbury's supermarkets, before hitting Tesco next month.

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Earlier this year, Del Monte launched a new range of fruit juice drinks aimed at children aged 7 to 13. Packed with vitamins and cased within bold packaging, the products are designed to help combat tiredness. A new flavour will be hitting stores next month - often described as tasting like traditional Fruit Salad sweets, this new addition is a unique combination of pineapple and raspberry.

The new juice drink, which launches in 200ml lunchbox friendly cartons and 1-litre packs to enjoy at home, extends the existing range of Del Monte Fruit Burst flavours - cool cherry and luscious lime, sour apple and strawberry, sweet apple and blackcurrant and sherbet lemon, orange and lime.

The Del Monte Fruit Burst range contains 15% real fruit juices and a combination of vitamins including B5, B6 and B12 plus folic acid. These ingredients can improve children’s stamina and help with concentration. The drinks compare favourably to popular competing brands in the category which contain far less fruit juice.

The vibrant Fruit Burst packaging is unique in the children’s drinks category because it’s emblazoned with fiendish puzzles designed to make kids really stop and think. There are fun family brainteasers, amazing optical illusions and highly stimulating questions inviting children to “solve the unsolvable.”

To add to the fun, each flavour carries different brain trainers on the carton and examples include the riddle: “What is light as a feather, but even the strongest man cannot hold it more than a few minutes?”   Among the challenging questions is: “What is time?” and “Why do we dream?” with prizes for the best answers submitted by email.

“We’ve had an excellent reaction to our juice drinks from both parents and children.  What people like is the combination of child friendly flavours and additional vitamins,” says Frans Van Melis, Vice President of Operations at Del Monte.  “This new flavour offers a truly unique taste and judging by the trials, we expect it to be very popular.”

DelMonte Fruit Burst Fruity Pineapple & Raspberry will appear on ambient shelves in Sainsbury’s stores from July 21st.  This new flavour, alongside cool cherry and sherbet lemon, will be available in 6x200ml multipacks with the larger 1-litre family pack to follow in Tesco in August.

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