Danone is hoping to move Evians full use of plastic to 100% recycled by 2025

Danone is hoping to move Evian's full use of plastic to 100% recycled by 2025

Danone has announced plans to move all the PET bottles used for its Evian brand to be made from recycled plastic by 2025.

The group said today it intends to create a "circular approach" to Evian's use of plastic, whereby all the plastic used for the bottles is "kept within the economy and out of nature". The move will be enabled by setting up partnerships to redesign packaging, accelerate recycling initiatives and recover plastic waste from the environment.

Presently, while all Evian bottles are recyclable, they only contain on average around 25% recycled plastic.

"This is a new milestone in our sustainability agenda," said global brand director Patricia Oliva. "In 2015, we announced our commitment to be a carbon-neutral brand by 2020. With this new announcement, we want to go further on plastic usage.

"We already committed to use 25% recycled plastic in our bottles [by 2020]. Today, we are already at this level but now, thanks to new technologies, we can go further. We're committed to moving the mindset of today's generation from 'we can' to 'we do'."

Also included in today's announcement was news of a research mission with a Netherlands-based start-up, The Ocean Cleanup, which has designed technology that can remove plastic from the sea.

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