French food and drink giant Danone has said it will continue to fight its trademark case against Chinese joint-venture partner Wahaha.

Danone suffered a setback this week after the Hangzhou Intermediate People's Court upheld a previous decision by the arbitration commission in favour of Wahaha.

The French group, which signed a joint-venture with Wahaha in 1996, has fought a long-running battle in several countries against its Chinese partner, alleging Wahaha has illegally copied products and sold them outside of the venture. It has also accused Wahaha of failing to hand the Wahaha trademark over to the venture.  

Reacting to the latest ruling, Danone said today (6 August): "With respect to this ruling, Danone will report to the appropriate superior judicial authorities."

It accused the Hangzhou Intermediate Court of failing to conduct a substantial review of the original arbitration commission ruling, which had "distorted the facts of the case, intentionally and maliciously misinterpreted and misapplied the laws of the People's Republic of China, and was an award that completely ignored the facts and law".