A claim by Chinese firm Wahaha that it has won its trademark dispute against Danone has been dismissed by the French dairy and water giant.

Wahaha said late last week that a it has won a fresh ruling in the Hangzhou Intermediate People's Court of Zhejiang Province, China.

"At this point, the dispute over ownership of trademark "Wahaha" between Danone and Wahaha is finally settled," said the Chinese group.

However, When contacted by just-drinks, a Danone spokesperson in China said that the long-running dispute is far from finished.

Danone, which signed a joint venture deal with Wahaha in 1996, is involved in legal disputes with the company in several countries around the world. Danone has accused Wahaha of operating subsidiaries outside of its joint venture and illegally copying products that the two firms' had agreed would only be sold within the venture.

A Danone spokesperson told just-drinks today (22 June): "We hope to point out that the Trademark Transfer Agreement is an ancillary contract under Joint Venture Contract."

"Even though Hangzhou Arbitration Commission ruled that the Trademark Transfer Agreement was terminated, it does not absolve Wahaha Group from its obligations under the Joint Venture Contract to contribute capital in the form of trademarks."