Cuidao Holding Corporation (OTCBB:CDAO) announced today that it has entered into an Agreement with, LLC for a public and investor relations campaign. Among other services, WallStreetWest will help implement awareness among Cuidao's current shareholders and the financial community at large. Robert Walker, Managing Director at Cuidao stated, "We are excited to hire WallStreetWest to assist us in communicating with our constituent audiences. While there are thousands upon thousands of publicly traded companies, we feel it is important for Cuidao to take a proactive approach to its investor and shareholder communications programs." Tyler Fleming, CEO and Manager of stated, "WallStreetWest is proud to begin providing service for Cuidao. Not only are they operating an ever-growing, highly fragmented business with much room for consolidation, but also they are continuously expanding their product offering. After the recent Dot com shakeout, we are excited to help a traditional business commence their communications efforts."