Cuidao Holding Corporation, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: CDAO) is pleased to announce its inclusion and recent publication in Standard and Poor's Corporation Records.The Records are a recognized securities manual for the purposes of "Blue Sky" trading requirements and the primary source for accurate, timely corporate information. In addition, the Company's information appears daily on S&P's Market Access Program. The program, acclaimed as one of the top 50 reference sources by the Library Journal, provides the retail and institutional marketplaces with real time, online access to Standard and Poor's market intelligence and analysis. Investment professionals use the site as a tool to stay abreast of the market and deliver insight to clients.Cuidao President Michael Fisher, says he is pleased with the S&P's Market Access Program listing. "The credibility gained by going through the rigorous approval process is certainly a plus. The online listing magnifies that approval by quickly increasing our visibility before the investment community. The site (