This is no Ordinary Drink Mixer. Crystals International Inc. utilizes proprietary production methods to freeze-dry only the finest lemon juices and purees available, leaving in the natural flavors and essential oils. The result is a natural, easy-to-use product that is virtually indistinguishable from fresh juice. The finished product is designed to produce the same quality and consistency in every pitcher. Just combine with your favorite spirit for a hard-to-beat summer favorite. Recipes can be obtained from the TRUE CRYSTALS® RECIPE HOTLINE by calling 1-800/607-TRUE(8783) 24 hours. True Crystals® Lemonade Mixer was developed specifically for use in alcoholic beverages and has the perfect taste, texture, and sweetness to be a winner, fresh or frozen. "We have helped many of our customers increase summer sales year after year due to our ability to deliver quality and consistency in the finished product," stated Jennifer Closshey, President and CEO of Crystals International Inc. "Our process, service, and people combine to produce a full line of cocktail mixers that are considered by the industry to be the standard, much superior to our competition." The advantages of using True Crystals® Lemonade Mixer are many, as it comes packaged 12/18.1-ounce pouches per case. Each pouch yields one gallon for rocks drinks and one gallon for frozen drink machine use.