Spanish Cava and fine wine exporter, Freixenet, has announced that its Christmas advertising campaign will feature Spanish film star, Penelope Cruz. Cruz appeared in a similar spot in 1994 with the rest of the cast of "Belle Époque".

The spot will be shot later this month in Barcelona and the production will cost just over €600,000.

For several years, Freixenet have entertained European cinema and television audiences with exciting creative developments depicting the excitement of sparkling wine over the festive season.

Cruz, who has been seen around town in recent months with Tom Cruise, follows in the footsteps of stars such as opera star Montserrat Caballe (1999), Meg Ryan (1997), Anthony Quinn (1996), Kim Bassinger (1993), Sharon Stone (1992), Paul Newman (1989), Jacqueline Bisset (1986), Raquel Welch (1985) and Gene Kelly (1981).