Australia's craft brewers have reportedly urged the country's government to give them the same tax treatment as winemakers.

The Australian Association of Microbrewers has warned that some of its smaller members could go to the wall unless the Australian government extends a tax rebate enjoyed by the wine industry to craft brewers.

According to the Herald-Sun newspaper, Australian wineries get tax breaks of up to A$500,000 (US$389,000) a year, depending on their output.

In a submission to the Australian government, the brewers association has proposed that its members be entitled to claim a 60% rebate on excise duty. To qualify for the tax break, craft brewers would have to produce a minimum of 340,000 bottles of 5% abv beer a year.

Premium beers are enjoying soaring demand in Australia and the country's larger craft brewers have looked to capitalise on that growth by listing on the country's stock market. In the last month, Gage Roads Brewing and Oz Brewing have both floated on the Australian Stock Exchange.