Thailand is looking to remove alcoholic beverages from retail display shelves, according to local reports.

Dr. Narong Sahamethapat, a deputy director-general within the Thai Health Ministry, said that, following a successful campaign on cigarette visibility, the ministry would focus on completing laws to clear alcoholic drinks off retail shelves.

A draft law to control the consumption of alcoholic drinks has just been completed, Dr. Narong added, and the process of public hearings for inputs into the draft is expected to be complete by the end of next year.

According to reports on the Thai News Service, the main thrust of the bill was to ban advertisements for alcoholic drinks on television and radio, and to extend the hours during which alcohol ads cannot be broadcast from the current blackout period of 5am to 10pm.

A set of related legal measures will be enforced under the law to restrict children's access to alcoholic drinks, and to ban sales near schools, temples and petrol stations.

Once in force, the law will also ban the trading of alcoholic drinks during public holidays and Sundays.