A Spanish court has annulled restructuring plans by Coca-Cola Iberian Partners' (CCIP), which involved the closure of four of its plants and the laying-off of 1,190 staff.

The Audiencia Nacional, a special high court in Spain with jurisdiction over all Spanish territory, has ordered CCIP to re-integrate the 821 workers who have already lost their jobs and pay wages that have not been paid. 

The court threw out the plans, claiming the constitution of CCIP and the impact of such a move "had never been communicated to nor negotiated with the representatives of the workers of the different companies (making up the group)."

The plans were first revealed by CCIP last December

The court also noted "a lack of sufficient information" during the consultation period, judging that the right to strike had been impeded.

Coca-Cola Iberian Partners could not be immediately reached for comment.

CCIP was created from the merger of seven Coca-Cola bottling companies in Spain.