Russia's largest vodka distillery Kristall has had its bank accounts frozen, according to reports in the Moscow Times, a move that may see it halt production early this week.

According to the reports, general director Alexander Timofeyev announced at a press conference on Friday, that one of the sic banks that Kristall uses had informed him that a Moscow court had ordered all the accounts frozen.

Only the accounts used to transfer money to local and federal budgets were unaffected, he said.

Timofeyev said he knew very little else having only received a faxed copy of the injunction which was issued Thursday, and that it was signed by a M. Yu. Dzhafarov, who could not be located.

Kristall lawyers said the Butyrsky district inter-municipal court had refused to provide any information about the case and that they were told to come back during office hours on Monday.
The frozen accounts would mean a halt to production because Kristall would be unable to pay its suppliers and contractors.
However, Kristall's lawyers are confident that the court's ruling will be overturned on procedural matters, since they were not properly informed of the decision, he said.