Cott Corporation has teamed up with a subsidiary of Crown Holdings to launch an energy drink in the UK and Europe based on the '24' television series.

The soft drink company, together with design and material collaboration partner Crown Bevcan Europe and Middle East, said yesterday (7 February) that the "citrus-flavoured stimulation drink" has been launched "to capitalise on the hit show's energetic and exciting image".

The drink, named 24 CTU after the "adrenaline-filled" series' Counter Terrorism Unit, will be available in original and diet varients and packaged in both dark and silver 44cl cans.

"The packaging also had to address the particular needs of 20th Century Fox," said the companies.

Fox Licensing and Merchandising, Europe SVP managing director Carl Lumbard said: "This deal is the single largest European brand statement so far for Fox and the '24' property. Here we see the all-action, intense nature of the '24' series matched with an energy-inducing stimulation drink."

Cott Corp. UK brand manager Mark Edge added: "Reproduction of the distinctive '24 CTU' typeface on the brand-driven packaging was absolutely essential. Crown has been a terrific technology, design and service partner in helping us to achieve our goals for '24 CTU'."