Cork campaign kicks off in the US

Cork campaign kicks off in the US

The Portuguese Cork Association (APC) and the US-based Cork Quality Council have launched a major promotional campaign in the US to persuade winemakers and wine drinkers of the supposed benefits of natural cork.

The 100% Cork campaign, which was launched this week at the 2010 Sustainable Brands Conference in Monterey, California, features a new consumer website,

The site encourages consumers to pledge their support for natural cork. The campaign also uses a Facebook page,, which has attracted 10,980 followers.

The campaign highlights the environmental credentials of natural cork.

"Choosing cork over artificial wine stoppers is a small but easy step to show that you care about your planet and your wine," said Cork Quality Council executive director Peter Weber. “Cork is recyclable, biodegradable and creates a commercial incentive for the sustainable stewardship of the Mediterranean cork oak forests, which trap carbon emissions.”