Coors Brewing Company has announced that Aspen Edge - its super-premium, low-carb light lager - will be available to consumers nationwide by 3 May at on- and off-premise outlets.

Aspen Edge is Coors' first entry into the low-carb beer category and was rolled out last month.

In the first three weeks of availability, Coors' Aspen Edge became the second-largest-selling low-carb beer in supermarkets, garnering a 0.4% market share of overall beer sales in its initial markets, according to ACNielsen.

"Aspen Edge is being wholeheartedly embraced by distributors and retailers across the nation," said Ron Askew, chief marketing officer of Coors Brewing Company. "This is not only based on anecdotal evidence, but also distributor orders that were higher than forecasted when Coors first launched Aspen Edge in March."

Aspen Edge has 2.6 grams of carbs and 94 calories and is available in 6- and 12-pack bottles.