Coors Brewing Co. has unveiled this year's advertising campaigns for its Coors Light, Keystone Light, Coors Banquet, and Molson Canadian beer brands in the US.

The company said today (9 April) that the adverts will include a logo for the company's new 'You Hold the Key. Never Drive Drunk' campaign and be supported by a "series of online efforts" for the Coors Light brand.

The 'You Hold the Key. Never Drive Drunk' campaign represents Coors' effort to remind consumers they can prevent drunk driving by "planning ahead and arranging safe rides home by cab, public transportation or designated driver".

The advertising for Coors Light will include a series of adverts that draw attention to its new 'vented wide mouth' can and 'cold activated bottle' as well as debut television adverts promoting its position as "the official beer of NASCAR".

Coors Brewing Co. chief marketing officer, Andy England, said: "Through our television ads and new online initiatives, we're clearly demonstrating how our innovations deliver 'The World's Most Refreshing Beer' to beer drinkers and our NASCAR spot shows how we're combining cold refreshment with the nation's hottest sport."

Online efforts for Coors Light will offer consumers a way to plan their own 'Coors Light Code Blue' social gatherings, allowing people to connect online and meet to drink Coors Light. "Coors Light Code Blue is a reference to the Cold Activated Bottle, which shows when beer is cold enough to drink," the company said.

Coors is also introducing new advertising for the Keystone Light brand as part of its "Always Smooth, Even When You're Not" campaign which features the beer in awkward situations, suggesting it is "the one thing that can be counted on to be consistently smooth".

England added: "Coors Brewing Co. is committed to making the best beer possible and communicating each brand's unique benefit through its marketing communications."

The campaign is set to involve television, retail, out-of-home, radio, online and other marketing programmes to support the brands this year.