When it comes to wine websites, knowledge is power... purchase power, that is. A new survey by WineAccess.com, shows that wine lovers prefer the value of information over hard-sell tactics when it comes to buying their favorite beverage.The national, on-line survey of 2,400 consumers who use wine websites was conducted by Point of View Research, PA, and found that people prefer a wine website that provides an easy, interactive way to ask questions, exchange information and get recommendations from all kinds of other people on the website.All this talk, it seems, isn't cheap. In fact, a whopping 53 percent of wine lovers who prefer this approach purchase wine at least once a month, while an additional 21 percent purchase their wine weekly, making them more frequent buyers than any other model tested."People want to learn from someone who knows and buy from people they trust. That's why a majority of Americans prefer online retailers with stores that also have a physical presence," comments Jim Weinrott, founder of WineAccess.com.WineAccess.com is a national community of wine consumers online, each one a customer serviced by an actual local retail store (