Vina Concha y Toro S.A today (14 October) reported strong growth in its export business, both from its Chilean and Argentine wineries, in the third quarter and first nine months of the year.

Chile's largest producer and exporter of premium wines said that third quarter exports from Chile rose by 4.8%, over the same period last year, to 26.4m litres, and 12.1% in the nine-month period to 70.1m litres.

Exports from Argentina rose 61.7% to 3.6m litres in the quarter and 45% to 8.1m litres in the nine-month period.

The picture for domestic sales was more mixed. Chilean domestic sales reached 17.4m litres in the third quarter, up 2.7%. In the first nine-months, domestic sales reached 49m litres, a rise of 4.1%.

However, Argentine domestic sales fell 33.9% to 1.1m litres in the quarter. Over the nine-month period, sales fell 24% to 3.3m litres.

No other details were released.