Click again to see the new bottle for Concha y Toros Casillero del Diablo

Click again to see the new bottle for Concha y Toro's Casillero del Diablo

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Concha y Toro has introduced an 'Ecoglass' lightweight bottle in the UK for it Casillero del Diablo wine brand.

The Chile-based firm, which began using the bottles in its domestic market in August, said yesterday (2 November) that the bottles have started hitting UK shelves in the past fortnight. 

The Casillero del Diablo range is bottled in Bordeaux and Burgundy formats and the Ecoglass bottles, weighing 500g, will reduce the weight of the bottles by 12% and 13% respectively. The packaging change has contributed to a 700-tonne reduction in glass being used for bottles destined for the UK market, equating to a reduction in the amount of CO2 being used per annum of 140 tonnes.

Concha y Toro has forecast that the move to Ecoglass will result in a saving of 2,200 tonnes of glass per year globally.