AG Barr has escaped an investigation by the UK's advertising watchdog, after its sexually provocative Orangina advert prompted hundreds of complaints from viewers. 

The advert has received 229 complaints since it was first aired at the start of August, a spokesperson for the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) told just-drinks today (28 August).

"It is one of the most complained-about adverts of the year," he said of the ad, which includes animals in bikinis offering lapdances and bottles of Orangina erupting between Zebras' thighs.

But, he added, the ASA had decided not to launch an investigation. "We have placed a post-9pm restriction on the advert. We undertsand that some adults might find the content distasteful, but we don't think the advert itself is in breach of the Code."

Complaints have ranged from the sexual nature of the ad, which also shows Orangina spraying onto animals' breasts, to concerns that it objectifies women and is unsuitable for young people.          

AG Barr spent GBP1m on the campaign, which was devised by a French agency and aims to appeal to an adult audience.

Adrian Troy, Barr's head of marketing, confirmed to just-drinks today that the firm had received a letter from the ASA, alerting it to the volume of complaints.

Troy said the ad was only shown after the 9pm UK watershed, and added: "The advert has been running in France to great acclaim and we think that it is a great peice of advertising which celebrates the brand."