The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is being lobbied over beer adverts during televised college sports events in the US. The non-profit Center for Science in the Public Interest in Washington has attacked the ads, saying they conflict with efforts to reduce underage and binge drinking on US campuses.

The NCAA has also been accused of being too close to Anheuser-Busch because of the brewer's financial support.

At a news conference late last week, Jay Hedlund, director of the centre's Campaign for Alcohol-Free Sports TV, said that the fundamental issue is to reduce youth exposure to alcohol adverts during televised sports events.

The NCAA defended its position on the adverts, saying that existing restrictions, which allow only one 60-second or two 30-second spots for each hour broadcast, were sufficient.

"I doubt an individual seeing one or two beer ads in the course of an hour would be led down the road (to abuse)," NCAA spokesman Bob Williams told the Philadelphia Inquirer.