Coca-Cola Co. has formally unveiled its plans to move into hot drinks with the launch of a range of teas, coffees and lattes.

The US soft drinks giant launched the range, dubbed Far Coast, in Toronto yesterday (6 September) with the opening of a concept store in the Canadian city. The venue, Coke said, would enable consumers to "experience the magic of the brand".

The launch of the range is a further sign that Coke is venturing outside its core CSD business as the category continues to suffer from rising health concerns among consumers.

Far Coast, Coke said, was "designed to be more experiential and relaxed", with the range set to be sold in upmarket hotels and restaurants.

Udaiyan Jatar, who will lead Coke's brewed beverage business, said: "Consumers are looking for quality and variety and are increasingly curious about the world around them. Far Coast was created to provide them with a window into different cultures through our range of delicious brews and infusions."

The range is due to be launched in Oslo and Singapore as well, with both cities also having their own dedicated stores.

"The concept store is a powerful and innovative marketing device to build an authentic relationship between the Far Coast brand and consumers, and ultimately, help drive consumers to our retail customers," Jatar added.

Coke has also launched a brand of teas and coffees dubbed Chaqwa. "The range is designed for people "on the go" who don't have time to wait in a queue at a typical coffeehouse but who, if given the chance, would upgrade to a coffeehouse beverage if it were available conveniently in a quick service restaurant," the company said.

The Chaqwa name comes from a combination of "cha," the Mandarin name for tea, and "qawah," the name for coffee in many Arabic languages.