The soft drink company Coca-Cola has signed a deal to sponsor the BBC Radio 1 chart run down as well as BBC1's Top Of The Pops and Radio 2's album chart.

The UK newspaper The Independent today reported that the two-year deal has come under fire from the independent watchdog The Food Commission, who called it "inappropriate and hypocritical", only a week after the soft drinks giant restated its policy not to advertise to under-12s.

The newspaper quoted Kath Dalmeny, a policy officer at the Food Commission, as saying: "Coca-Cola is being extremely two-faced and hypocritical by getting involved in such a deal," she said. "They have had a lot of very positive publicity recently saying that they will not target the under-12s in their advertising. "

She added: "We will be lodging a complaint with the BBC. For the BBC to be promoting a highly sugary drink at a time when everyone is concerned about the health of children and their calorie intake is extremely inappropriate."

The deal, however, has been signed with the music charts company and Coca-Cola and not the BBC itself.