Coca-Cola GB has described fresh claims that it might revive Dasani in the UK as "way off-beam".

A story in trade magazine Marketing Week yesterday (3 August) said that Coke GB was mulling the return of the ill-fated Dasani. The company pulled Dasani after its launch two years ago following a health scare and amid revelations that it was no more than treated tap water.

Marketing Week cited sources close to Coke saying that the return of Dasani was a "strong option" as it looked to re-enter the buoyant UK bottled water market. One source told the magazine: "Maybe with a strong look and GBP10m (US$19m) thrown at advertising we'll find consumers have short memories."

However, a Coke spokesman flatly denied that Dasani was part of the company's plans in the UK. "That's as off-beam as you can get. We have categorically said that we have no intention of relaunching Dasani in any way, shape or form," he told just-drinks.

The spokesman said Coke was "keen" on the water market but that it was too early to announce its plans to enter the category.